The Czech Republic is ranked as the second most attractive market in the Central and Eastern Europe – beaten only by Poland. It is also home to several world-class R&D centers and is the 3rd largest market for clinical trials in the region. “The Czech healthcare system includes a diversity of provision, with mainly private ambulatory care providers and public hospitals which have contractual arrangements with the insurance fund; and joint negotiations among key players on coverage and reimbursement issues. Providers are paid based on various schemes, with DRG-based schemes having increasing presence. Prague and other cities have a growing range of private international clinics. There is a strong pressure for healthcare system reforms due to public budget constraints, an ageing population and technological development.”

Companies providing services in the area of pharma regulatory affairs in the Czech Republic, work with such regulatory authority as the Czech national statistical Institute.

This regulatory authority annually prepares detailed reports on health. This is where one can find full information on population, demographic processes, morbidity, healthcare system, medical institutions’ activities in Czech Republic.

Czech Republic has a system of compulsory medical insurance under the National social security system. There is also voluntary health insurance that is provided by commercial shareholding companies.

Czech healthcare system is represented by a wide variety of institutions, but mostly those are private outpatient services and public hospitals. Number of private international clinics is growing in Prague and other Czech cities. In this regard, there arises strong pressure for health care reform due to lack of the state budget, ageing population and technological development.

Companies providing services in the area of regulatory affairs, will help pharmaceutical companies to bring their products to the markets of Czech Republic and Eastern Europe.