Regulatory affairs consulting in Central and Eastern Europe

With a strong network of local consultants based in Central and Eastern European countries, Grove Group is a provider of regulatory affairs consulting, pharmacovigilance and market access services.

Grove’s services and core areas of expertise span four key areas:

  • pharma regulatory affairs in Central and Eastern Europe
  • pharmacovigilance services
  • reimbursement policy and reimbursement applications
  • sales and marketing activities

Grove consulting services cover the following product areas:

  • Pharmaceuticals/medicines/drugs/medicinal products
  • Medical devices
  • Biologics
  • Food and dietary supplements
  • Cosmetics

We are experts in medicinal products, medical devices, biologics, food supplements and cosmetics. Grove Group consultants provide a full spectrum of services spanning from regulatory services, pharmacovigilance consulting to reimbursement policy advice and sales & marketing support across the CEE region. Our clients are pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies seeking to enter and develop presence in the CEE countries.

As a specialist pharmaceutical consulting company, Grove facilitates medicine and medical device registration process, regulatory submissions and related regulatory affairs.



Grove provides ongoing support with maintenance of marketing authorisations and lifecycle management for medicinal products and medical devices in Central and Eastern Europe.

Through our work we are continuingly involved with the most dynamic areas at all levels of within the CEE pharma market and supply chain – in both a regulatory consulting and execution capacity. Not only are we completely aware of the issues and concerns related to entering the individual CEE countries, but we are fully appreciative of the many forces for change which impact the development of the pharma and medical device industry in the region. Employing a results-oriented approach at all times, Grove assists its clients with the development and implementation of regulatory strategies and market access master plans.

It has been proven many times over that the ability to look forward underpins successful distribution, sales and marketing strategies, and nowhere is this more true than in dynamically evolving countries in Eastern Europe alongside emerging markets of Kazakhstan, Armenia, Georgia and Balkan states. Our consulting work in the region tends to revolve around opportunity identification, regulatory strategies and facilitation with the strategy execution where medicine and medical device registration and marketing authorization approval is a first step in a coherent market entry business strategy.

We are firmly established as a specialised provider of regulatory, pharmacovigilance and market access services in the CEE region – with our clients ranging from small and medium size dynamic concerns to the large multi-national pharma and medical device corporations.