The Polish Government and the National Health Fund made amendments to the healthcare budget plan. According to the previous revision to the Budget Act of 2021 proposed by the Senate, the National Health Fund (NFZ) was to receive PLN 6.3 billion. However, in October, it was decided to distribute these funds in accordance with the provision of the Budget Act and reserve them for other purposes. According to the amendment to the Budget Act 2021, healthcare costs will be increased by PLN 1 billion, of which about PLN 800 million will be directed to the National Health Fund.

In November 2021, the National Health Fund decided to amend its financial plan. According to it, PLN 1.18 billion will be directed to the “voivodship” (regional) departments of the NFZ. These funds will go to outpatient specialist care and oncology. According to the budget allocation plan, PLN 953.8 million will go to outpatient specialist care services (AOS), PLN 228.2 million – for hospital treatment, and PLN 5.3 million for therapeutic rehabilitation. Funding changes are related to the separation of AOS services from the lump sum of basic hospital protection (over PLN 553.8 million) and the increase in the cost of medical services, in particular, outpatient specialized care (PLN 400 million). The decision was also dictated by changes in tariffs for medical services (over PLN 233.5 million), including oncological services (over PLN 228.2 million) and treatment of patients in coma (about PLN 5.3 million).
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