In 2014, Romania’s market size increased by 6.8 percent to € 2.76 billion with Romanians OTC drugs to the tune of some € 755 million in the final quarter 2015 alone, reflecting an 11.8 percent year-on-year rise, according to market research conducted by Cegedim. Meanwhile the country’s newly appointed minister of health has been radically reshuffling the rules of the game to place public healthcare provision “firmly on a pathway to sustainability.” About 90% of medical equipment in Romania is imported and by 2018 this market segment will grow 2.9% (Episcom). Minister of health of Romania claims, that public health in the country is “firmly on the road to sustainability”. Companies providing services in the area of regulatory affairs in Romania work with such administrative regulatory authorities as the Romanian national statistical Institute. This governing body annually issues reports on healthcare, where one can find full information about the population, demographic processes, morbidity, healthcare system and medical institutions’ activities in Romania. Also, it is the national statistical authority that provides for differentiated reimbursement rates for medicines subject to reimbursement:
  • Medications for hospital treatment paid by the government;
  • Drugs for outpatient treatment of chronic diseases, which can lead to a significant deterioration in the life quality or disability and require long-term treatment;
  • Drugs for the treatment of common chronic diseases;
  • Outpatient drugs for the treatment of diseases which do not fall into the previous categories.
Companies providing services in the area of regulatory affairs will help pharmaceutical companies to bring their products to the markets of Romania and Eastern Europe.