The healthcare expenditure in Slovakia was valued at €6.08bn in 2014 and is forecast at €6.29bn in 2015. Slovakia’s market for ppharmaceutical products totalled €1.85bn in 2014 and is estimated to reach €1.91bn in 2015 (source: BMI Research). The consumption of reimbursed drugs in Slovakia stood at 110.3 million packs in 2014. The national public health Insurance provider spent around €1.05 billion on Rx drugs, compared with €1.01bn in 2013, while patient’s co-payment levels fell by 6% to €140.2m from €148.8m in 2013. The medical device market was estimated at € 398 million and should reach € 607 million by 2018. The Slovak medical device market is expected to grow by 3.9 % over the 2013-2018.