Regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance and market access services in Slovakia

With a team of professional, experienced locally based consultants, Grove is a highly-respected healthcare consulting firm in Slovakia providing regulatory, pharmacovigilance and market access consulting services.

Reforms within the healthcare sector over the past decade have encouraged transparency within the sector as a whole, and predictability in the regulatory system within that. Local logistics are well developed, the talent pool is strong and despite strict pricing and reimbursement controls, the accessibility and availability of pharmaceuticals is good. Relatively low average co-payment levels support affordability.

Further change is anticipated within the pricing and reimbursement policy, which is currently focused around strict cost control and a somewhat unique price referencing approach. Understanding the drivers behind this, and staying one step ahead of the likely outcomes is key for those either considering market entry or for those already established in the Slovakian market and looking to develop their share further

Access to a local regulatory partner and to local QPPV services is an essential pre-requisite to executing successful market entry and development.

As a specialist in pharmaceutical consulting in Slovakia, Grove expertise spans four key areas:

  • regulatory affairs consulting
  • pharmacovigilance services
  • market access, including pricing and reimbursement applications
  • market assessment including regulatory intelligence such as pharma and medical device regulations


For over twenty years Grove has successfully provided regulatory affairs consulting to a wide range of clients to help them navigate the specifics of the Slovakian market. With experienced consultants in place, clients gain access to an unrivalled depth of local knowledge and understanding in all areas associated with entering and operating in the country.

Pharmaceutical consulting, pharmacovigilance and market entry related services are all key areas of expertise for Grove.

Grove services client needs across the following product areas:

  • Pharmaceuticals/medicines/drugs/medicinal products
  • Medical devices
  • Biologics
  • Cosmetics
  • Food and dietary supplements